A Trichologist shares his opinion…

Hormonal imbalances, genetic and medical conditions, mineral deficiency and stress severely affect the health of hair. There are many alternatives to treat problems of hair loss and I do not support any one discipline. I choose the best or the most suitable course for my patients and have developed an opinion about the drugs that are used against alopecia. I prescribe natural products over chemical ones, especially for alopecia. TrichoZed™ is the most appropriate supplement that helps to stop such hair loss. It is safe and effective as it a natural supplement that has gone through several clinical trials.

- Ralph Hall, Auckland, NZ

An expert’s wise words…

Hair transplant surgeries give varying results and depends on the surgeon. Hair restoration procedures are also expensive and hence many prefer cost-effective techniques. I came to know about TrichoZed™ during a discussion with my colleagues. Their patients were using this supplement. It is an effective pill that is also now being used by most of my patients.

- Dr. Leander Powell, Hair restoration specialist, Nebraska, USA

A Homeopathic practitioner says…

Homeopathy does hold the key to restorative hair therapy but the results are very slow. Patients are also prescribed some solutions for application on the scalp. TrichoZed™ has really shown productive and quick results in comparison to other medicines and supplements. It is an herbal supplement and I studied the ingredients and its effects on hair loss. It is very effectual and works by blocking the formation of DHT which damages the follicles of hair. I accordingly confirm the benefits of TrichoZed™.

- Dr. Kimika Matsushita, Osaka, Japan

A doctor’s view…

I used to recommend chemical drugs for patients with hair loss but they soon complained of side-effects from these drugs. Soon after this I had to treat them for the side-effects. I was in a dilemma whether to continue with the same medicines or change my prescription to something better and safer. During this period, I came to know about TrichoZed™. It strengthens the roots and protects the hair follicles. I verified about this supplement from authorities dealing in Ayurveda. I have now changed my prescription to TrichoZed™ for my patients suffering from hair loss. 

- Dr. Pearson Griffin, Wales, Great Britain

Customer Testimonials

"...and my hair loss problem was getting worse every passing day and I could not do much about it. I considered hair transplant surgery two years ago but finding a good surgeon was difficult. To be honest, I found it difficult to trust my doctor. TrichoZed™ was something that I found out while surfing the internet and I was skeptical of its use at first but then decided to give it a try. I am happy that my hair-loss has stopped completely and my hair has started growing back since the last six months..."
- Angelina, 33, Nebraska, U.S.A.

"...TrichoZed™ is the best thing that I had chosen for myself in the last year. My hair had stopped falling and besides this, it had also started growing. Guys and girls, this is a cool supplement! I no more fear the diminishing hairline…"
- Robert, 37, Quebec, Canada

"...I was a bit depressed when I saw an increasing number of hairs on my comb. I knew that this won’t stop until I found some solution. My doctor recommended TrichoZed™ and I religiously used the pills for six months. The results are really worth mentioning. In addition to controlling the hair-fall, it has made my hair thick and lustrous..."

- Charlotte, 33, Melbourne, Australia

"...I had a big bald patch on my head. Wherever I went, it became the hot topic of discussion. That is when my wife suggested me to use TrichoZed™. The bald patch on my head is now covered with hair after seven months of following TrichoZed™. I thank the makers of TrichoZed™ as this pill has saved me from all the embarrassment of a bald head..."

- Marty, 32, Sydney, Australia